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Practical Application of a Cement-free Shotcrete for Tunnel Refurbishment

Practical Application of a Cement-free Shotcrete for Tunnel Refurbishment


M. Thewes / F. Leismann / G. Vollmann / E. Kleen / A.-L. Hammer / J. Budnik / S. Kube / C. Rhein / T. Rengshausen

Existing road and railway tunnels in Central Europe increasingly show signs of aging and deterioration, which is particularly evident in the tunnels’ inner lining. Due to dramatic tunnel fires, and novel research findings, German authorities have reviewed and revised several guidelines for the design of tunnel structures in recent years. In the national research project KOINOR, a cement-free and alkaliactivated shotcrete is being developed, which should fulfil the requirements of these guidelines. Decisive advantages of cement-free systemsare their thermal properties. In the KOINOR project very good resistance at high temperature could be estimated, which seems to meet current requirements for fire protection of tunnel structures and can prevent spalling in the event of fire without the addition of fibres. In this publication, the in situ application at the Kuckuckslay tunnel in Germany, an old masonry tunnel, is presented and the process engineering in dry and wet spraying is analysed. In addition, mechanical properties of the shotcrete and composite properties are evaluated.

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Year 2022
City Copenhagen
Country Denmark
ISBN 978-2-9701436-7-3