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COVID -19 acceleration planby change of TBM reception strategy

COVID -19 acceleration planby change of TBM reception strategy


E. Paulatto / M. K. Jensen / L. Agostini / S. Latsenere / N. Müthing

With the fast spread of COVID 19 pandemic and the increased logistic difficulties, the Sydhavn Metro extension project in Copenhagen faced a significant risk of delay. To mitigate this delay, an acceleration program was agreed, which included a change of the TBM reception and launching strategy. The response to the pandemic crisis required fast decisions, prompt re-design and close proactive cooperation between all parties involved in the project. The paper describes the rationale behind the design changes, highlights the technical challenges, examines the solutions considered and the mitigation measures applied to carry out safe TBM’s receptions. The paper focuses on the TBM reception in the most critical location, Mozarts Plads, where, to cope with the challenging ground conditions and the dense urban environment, a combined ground treatment comprising jet-grouting and fissure grouting has been carried out.

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Year 2022
City Copenhagen
Country Denmark
ISBN 978-2-9701436-7-3