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Investigation of Rehabilitation Methods of Victorian Tunnels

Investigation of Rehabilitation Methods of Victorian Tunnels


C. Paraskevopoulou / C. Atkinson / R. Miller

The Victorian tunnels that lie on the British’s railway network have been vital to facilitating a reliable rail service across the UK for the past 150 years. However, some of these tunnels have started to cause some issues for the network. These tunnels were originally constructed using several rings of brick masonry as a lining. After many years, these brick linings have started to degrade and bricks are becoming dislocated from their surrounding rings, falling on the tracks. These tunnels are also of an outdated gauge hindering the modernisation of the rail network. An initial investigation into this problem is performed by examining international case studies of tunnels that have been resized, relined; based on which this work presents a tunnel refurbishment method matrix. Different tunnel rehabilitation methods are then suggested for the Network Rail Victorian tunnels.

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