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Life-Cycle Costing Part 2 – The Modular-Process-Model

Life-Cycle Costing Part 2 – The Modular-Process-Model


M. Thewes / S. Engelhardt / J. Schwarz / H. Adden

The trend towards sustainable constructions in the building sector has greatly increased in recent years. For civil engineering works of transport infrastructure this development has mostly been reflected in the estimation of life-cycle costs and their components. While for the building construction sector (facility management) a large number of concepts and methods are published, there are only a few scientific papers which deal explicitly with the calculation of life-cycle costs for underground infrastructure, particularly tunnels. Although they are often the key components and the most costly parts of the transport infrastructure. The increase in the total numbers of tunnels as well as the need for re-investments in existing tunnels justify the change towards the life-cycle concept to evaluate underground structures. Interested parties in such modern cost management considerations are public authorities as well as private companies participating in Public Private Partnerships (PPP) projects.

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Year 2015
City Dubrovnik
Country Croatia