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Key Aspects of Tunneling in Tropical Residual Soil

Key Aspects of Tunneling in Tropical Residual Soil


H. C. Rocha / G. Aguiar / M. A. A. P. Silva / D. Soares Júnior / I. F. Teixeira / F. Di Bruno

Tropical residual soils present a real challenge regarding conventional tunneling. These soils are heterogeneous, with ever-changing face conditions, non horizontal stratification and a high sensibility to water content and transient conditions. At each excavation step the face conditions change, demanding a careful approach in terms of ground treatments and dewatering systems. The observational method is fundamental in this type of soil since the right solution has to be developed and applied specifically for each excavation step. This paper will focus on the practical knowledge acquired during the excavation of a large tunnel in tropical residual soil in a urban environment.

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Year 2014
City Foz do Iguaçu
Country Brazil