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Study on steering method of H and V shield to construct a spiral tunnel

Study on steering method of H and V shield to construct a spiral tunnel


M. Sugimoto / N. T. Huynh / J. Chen

Due to limited underground space in urban area and for saving construction cost, multi circular face shield (MF shield) [1] had been innovated to construct a twin tunnel at once. Furthermore, according to the more severe restriction of underground space use, horizontal and vertical variation shield method (H&V shield) [2] was innovated, so that the cross section of a MF shield tunnel is changed from horizontal multi circular shape to vertical one, or vice versa. The H&V shield is manufactured by connecting two articulated shields at their rear bodies, and is steered by articulation mechanism and copy cutter, which can be operated individually at each body. These steering options can generate rotating force around the shield axis, which can realize the construction of a spiral tunnel. As an example, the H&V shield for a railway station is shown in Fig. 1. Recently a spiral tunnel for a sewer line has been planned using H&V shield method, and is the first application of H&V shield method to construct a spiral tunnel. Therefore, the method to steer the H&V shield was studied. This paper introduces H&V shield method and describes the steering method of H&V shield along a planned alignment by articulation mechanism and copy cutter. Furthermore, the validity of the obtained results on articulation angle and copy cutter length and range is discussed from the viewpoints of geometric conditions and practical experience.

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Year 2015
City Dubrovnik
Country Croatia