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On-site tests on innovative automatic incident detection systems

On-site tests on innovative automatic incident detection systems


C. Thienert / S. Spundflasch / A. Lehan / S. Gerlach / A. Piazzolla

The German research project ESIMAS – real time safety management system for road tunnels – focuses on the further development of automatic incident detection (AID) systems as well as a dedicated graphical user interface (GUI). In the result, operating personnel of road tunnel control centres will be enabled to monitor a huge quantity of tunnels simultaneously in an efficient way. All newly developed technical components were installed and put into operation at a demonstration tunnel. The current paper presents the results of the extended test phase that aimed on both testing all single components and their interaction as well. The tests and the subsequent evaluation were divided into two modules. In the first module (sensor technologies) the innovative AID systems (intelligent induction loops, new video detection algorithms and combined laser scanning with thermography) were tested. In the second module (visualization) the GUI was evaluated with the control centre personnel. The paper concludes with practical suggestions for the implementation of new AID and control systems on road tunnels. Laser scanning, Thermography

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Year 2015
City Dubrovnik
Country Croatia