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Full-scale loading test of a Hybrid SFRC segment lining

Full-scale loading test of a Hybrid SFRC segment lining


S. Y. Koh / G. P. Lee / S. H. Chang / S. W. Choi / G. J. Bae

The use of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete (SFRC) in a segment lining has continuously been growing due to its higher bearing capacity and cost-effectiveness than a conventional rebar-reinforced concrete segment (Angelo et al., 2011). However, its definite design rule or specification has not been proposed yet, and it prohibits SFRC segment from becoming more popular in shield tunnels. Moreover, it is true that a full SFRC segment without any rebar is more applicable to a compression-dominant loading condition since it is more brittle than a conventional rebar-reinforced concrete segment. From the reason, a hybrid SFRC segment combining steel fibres with rebars is considered as an alternative to improve the performance and the economic efficiency of a concrete segment (Bernardino et al., 2009). This study aims to develop a hybrid segment lining where high-strength rebars with the yielding strength of 600 MPa are combined with a minimal and optimal dosage of steel fibres. A series of full-scale bending tests of the hybrid SFRC segment, a full SFRC segment and a conventional RC segment are carried out to validate higher bearing capacity of the hybrid SFRC segment.

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