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Numerical model for simulation of face seizure in EPB

Numerical model for simulation of face seizure in EPB


M. Sharifzadeh / S. Gharehdash / M. Barzegar

One of the main concerns in using a shielded machine in shallow soil tunnels is the possibility of the face seizure in soft ground. To realistically evaluate the possibility of face seizure in such grounds, the interaction between the soil and shield, lining and backfilling need to be understood. This paper will explain the background theories and the application of numerical analysis for 3D modeling of mechanized tunneling by using a shield TBM in soft ground. The discussions will include the effects of advance rate during excavation cycle of a shielded TBM to observe the impact of tunneling rate on the possibility of machine jamming in the soft grounds. Simulation results at five reference points on the tunnel circumference along the tunnel or longitudinal displacement profile (LDP) as well as longitudinal contact force profiles (LFP) on both front and rear shields have been examined. Also, maximum thrust force required to overcome friction and drive TBM forward is calculated. This exercise allows for evaluation of the effects of various parameters on convergence and contact forces between the soil and shield, which in turn determines the required propel forces and can define the possibility of machine entrapment.

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Year 2015
City Dubrovnik
Country Croatia