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Effective 3D Data Visualization in Deep Shaft Construction

Effective 3D Data Visualization in Deep Shaft Construction


K. Aoyagi / D. Inagaki / K. Tsusaka / M. Nago / Y. Ijiri / M. Shigehiro

In the Horonobe Underground Research Laboratory located in Hokkaido, Japan, a “3D geological structure/construction data visualization system” has been employed to facilitate obser- vational construction. Using this system, geological data, measurement data, construction data and prediction analysis results are visualized and integrated comprehensively as the construction proceeds. The planned support pattern was, for instance, examined according to the visualized data. By integrating the data from seismic reflection surveying and the grouting results into the system, along with the revised estimate of the distribution of faults, the potential area of support instability was determined; this approach has proven to be effective, completing the shaft con- struction without any trouble. In addition, the 3D visualization system allows the sharing of knowl- edge among the construction team members for a clear and mutual understanding of the geologi- cal conditions and the deformation behavior of the rock mass. Thus, the system will contribute to a more successful implementation of the observational construction method in understanding rock mass behavior and ensuring optimal structural support and construction safety.

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Year 2015
City Dubrovnik
Country Croatia