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OPTV application in the Line 4 Phase 3 design at São Paulo Subway

OPTV application in the Line 4 Phase 3 design at São Paulo Subway


H. C. Rocha / D. G. G. de Oliveira / M. D. Monteiro / A. L. Nascimento / G. G. Facuri / L. F. dos Santos / T. Antonelli

The optical televiewer (OPTV) is a technology introduced since 2001 in Brazil, having its considerations about this method been included only recently in the ABGE Drilling Manual (2013), without, however, presenting detailed specifications of a systematic interpretation of the data. On the other hand there was a lack of suggestions of how these data could be applied for infrastructure site design. On the specific case of urban underground excavation, such as tunnelling projects for subway lines, it seems essential to obtain as much ground data as possible, optimizing the stabilization and contention of structures, reducing costs and decreasing risks. So taking in consideration the suggested method from ISRM (1978), already used as standard guidelines for rock mass characterization, it has been has proposed guidelines to achieve same standardization for optical televiewer images of borehole walls. During basic design for the Line 4 Phase 3 these optical televiewer data was widely employed for rock mass and its discontinuities characterization, for the

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Year 2015
City Dubrovnik
Country Croatia