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Gap Parameter and Settlement by Shield TBM Tunnelling

Gap Parameter and Settlement by Shield TBM Tunnelling


I. J. Park / D. I. Jang / S. Y. Koh / C. H. Hwang / S. Y. Choo / M. G. Choi

Utilization of Underground Space has gradually expanded according to population density increases. Size of Tunnel has enlarge in accordance with the use. In order to increase civil convenience in traffic and life Shield TBM tunnelling method has been getting the spotlight for urban tunneling. It can be minimized the civil complaint during construction and possible safe tunneling. But the settlement has occurred inevitably due to characteristics of shield TBM equipment. For this reason, the civil complaint can occur in urban areas when tunnel with shallow depth passes through neighboring building or residential area. In this study, the occurrence factors of settlement according to shield TBM tunnelling and the tendency of ground settlement by strata condition had analyzed. It is suggested that the practical settlement estimation method and minimizing method of ground settlement under simultaneous backfill grouting condition through measurement results and back analysis data using gap parameter.

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Year 2015
City Dubrovnik
Country Croatia