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How to turn geological uncertainty into manageable risk?

How to turn geological uncertainty into manageable risk?


T. Dickmann / D. Krueger

Risk management became an integral part of most underground construction projects during the last decade. Still, there are parties, who may not plan for insubstantial unknown uncertainties of ground conditions because they are so unpredictable and out of scope of normal planning as they think. Finally, many of them end up as the most catastrophic events. Even known geological uncertainty is a risk that certainly exists without knowing how it will affect the work. Further, human biases form part of the way prior knowledge is being used to interpret data in a way it’s anchored in one’s mind or in a way that is just available. If no naive assessment of the uncertain situation is carelessly considered, risk becomes manageable if one know, detect and quantify the risk. A reasonable and cost-effective way to tread is the application of 3D-Tunnel Seismic Prediction on a regular base. Knowing what’s ahead (in a case study) results in manageable risk.

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Year 2014
City Foz do Iguaçu
Country Brazil