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Exploratory gallery of Radlice tunnel in Prague

Exploratory gallery of Radlice tunnel in Prague


R. Chmelař / A. Butovič / M. Kolečkář

This paper provides information on the proposed exploratory gallery for Radlice urban road tunnel in Prague which will be a major underground structure of Radlická radial road, which enables the connection of D5 motorway from Germany border with the City road ring in Prague. Due to the complex geological conditions and significant geological risks (deep karst formations) the exploratory gallery of the length of 850 m is suggested, supported by the expert opinion of the Czech Site investigation and the requirements processed by the EIA. The exploratory gallery of the cross section of 13.5 m is about to test geological conditions from the eastern Zlíchov portal to the place of crossing with the "P" sewer, where in 1981 an accident took place during the excavation works, which was caused by riding watered fillings of extensive karst cavities in the Devonian and Silurian limestones.

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Year 2014
City Foz do Iguaçu
Country Brazil