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TBM  Performance  Prediction  in  Rock-Soil  Interface  Mixed Ground

TBM Performance Prediction in Rock-Soil Interface Mixed Ground


Á. Tóth

This paper introduces a performance prediction method for mechanized tunnelling in mixed ground based on statistical analysis of geotechnical data and operational parameters of the tunnel boring machine. The data used for the development of this model is based on the excavation of the T05 section of the Deep tunnel Sewerage System, Singapore. The project was excavated with two EPB Herrenknecht TBM in fresh granite covered with its weathered residuals. Significant amount of this project was excavated in mixed ground. The developed model is capable of a reliable prediction of penetration rate and advance speed in Rock-Soil Interface mixed ground based on the achievable performance in the homogeneous materials and the composition of the face. At the same time, the developed method can be used for back-analysis of tunnels excavated in similar geological formations.

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Year 2014
City Foz do Iguaçu
Country Brazil