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Modern drill and blast excavation

Modern drill and blast excavation


A. Bernardes / J. Kukkonen / A. Laitinen

In underground excavation, whether tunnel, space for civil engineering or drift for a mine is considered, a tendency for rapid excavation has been seen. When speaking about conventional excavation, the aim is firstly to execute the cycle as fast as possible and secondly to maximize the advance per blast. Still it should be remembered that the excavation is implemented in a way that the quality of the excavation is not sacrificed. Modern drilling and blasting concept is aiming for total optimization of the excavation cycle. Geology and circumstances are changing fast and these changes need to be faced rapidly and efficiently. This abridged paper outlines the impact of modern technology in drilling and in planning of the excavation on the drill and blast excavation cycle.

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Year 2014
City Foz do Iguaçu
Country Brazil