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On the concept of “Risk Analysis-driven Design”

On the concept of “Risk Analysis-driven Design”


G. Russo / P. Grasso / L. P. Verzani / A. Cabañas

In the current tunneling practice, the Risk Analysis and the structural Design are frequently considered two separate and independent items. On the contrary, according to the Geodata Engineering (GDE) approach they are integrated in one unique rational process, completely developed by probabilistic method, structuring the so-called “Risk Analysis-driven Design (RAdD)”. The key points of this innovative approach are presented, with general reference to one of the most recent application, in particular related to the construction of the tunnels to the new productive level of the El Teniente mine (Chile). El Teniente Mine, with more than 2400 kilometers of tunnels excavated is the largest underground copper mine in the world. The tunnel works for the new mine level, located at 1000 m depth, are actually under construction, permitting to complete the design process and check the foreseen geological-geomechanical scenarios.

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Year 2014
City Foz do Iguaçu
Country Brazil