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Real-time visualization of road tunnel safety status

Real-time visualization of road tunnel safety status


C. Thienert / S. Spundflasch / A. Lehan / K. Fehren-Schmitz / R. Siebe

Operators in road tunnel control centers are faced with an increasing number of tunnels to be monitored, connected with a flow of information from different sources like safety equipment or traffic data. On this basis, operators have to assess the tunnel safety status continuously, and initiate measures in case of risk or incident situations. Especially if critical situations in different tunnels occur simultaneously, operators run into danger of losing overview. For this purpose, within the framework of the German R&D project ESIMAS, several new software tools for tunnel control systems are currently under development, in strong cooperation with tunnel operators. It is a core innovation to provide a visualized overview at a glance on tunnel safety status based on real-time quantitative risk analysis. Furthermore, concrete recommendations for appropriate measures in risk and incident situations are given.

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Year 2014
City Foz do Iguaçu
Country Brazil