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Soil Conditioning with Artificial Soil and Foam in EPB-Tunneling

Soil Conditioning with Artificial Soil and Foam in EPB-Tunneling


M. Thewes / L. Langmaack / S. Freimann

In mechanised tunnelling with EPB-shields operating in closed mode, the excavated soil is used as support medium in order to assure a sufficient stabilisation of the tunnel face. Coarse grained or high permeable soils doesn’t exhibit adequate conditions to be used as a support medium in an EPB shield, which require the increase of cohesion and plastic behaviour of the excavated soil. In this case, the addition of high density slurry solely is not sufficient: It is necessary to create an artificial soil. Previous research has shown that laboratory tests can be of assistance in the planning of EPB tunnel projects regarding the conditioning. In this study the conditioning with artificial soil, a newly developed 2 component TamSoil 2000CP system based on high density slurry mixed with Polymer A and the use of an independent Polymer B was investigated. Regarding to the workability and the permeability, laboratory tests were carried out to investigate the set of conditioning parameters for a high permeable coarse grained soil

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Year 2017
City Bergen
Country Norway