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3D imaging during TBM excavation

3D imaging during TBM excavation


A. Gaich / M. Pötsch

In mechanised tunneling using a hard rock TBM the tunnel face cannot be characterised thoroughly even at periods with no advance. The tunnel face is obstructed by the TBM and hinders geological mapping and geometric rock mass characterisation. As an improvement an autonomous imaging system is installed in inspection openings of the cutter head during maintenance shifts. By turning the cutter head it captures a circular part of the tunnel face with a digital video. The imaging system features its own light sources, scale, and orientation tracker. The video is processed off-site to a 3D image which then serves as basis for geological mapping and overbreak quantification. Detailed 3D images enable the measurement of penetration and they serve as permanent objective documentation of the actual rock mass conditions. In the contribution data from the Koralmtunnel is shown.

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10,00 €

Year 2017
City Bergen
Country Norway