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In-situ fire test to assess tunnel lining fire resistance

In-situ fire test to assess tunnel lining fire resistance


K. Sakkas / N. Vagiokas / K. Tsiamouras / D. Mandalozis / A. Benardos / P. Nomikos

Tunnels are important elements in road infrastructure. However, as the demand for longer tunnels is growing, the increased traffic volumes can result to potential hazards. Under fire loads concrete tends to spall resulting to a collapse of the tunnel structure. In this paper the in-situ fire test in a tunnel is presented. This was made possible with the design and manufacturing of a mobile furnace unit capable of reproducing all existing time-temperature fire curves. In the actual test case presented, the strictest fire curve (RWS) is used. The assessment of the tunnel lining's performance as well as the spalling rate is presented. The above are critical parameters for the modelling of the phenomenon and facilitate the efficient and highly focused modelling so as to accurately reflect the conditions of the tunnel under evaluation. Finally, possible measures that could be implemented for the fire protection of the structure are discussed.

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Year 2017
City Bergen
Country Norway