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Cutting tool wear evaluation for soft ground TBMs

Cutting tool wear evaluation for soft ground TBMs


D. Y. Kim / E. Farrokh / M. K. Song / K. C. Hyun

TBM cutter life and wear evaluation in soft ground are important issues, especially in pressurized face tunneling with soft ground TBMs for which the planning of costly interventions becomes crucial. This paper presents the evolution and latest developments of different methodologies and tests in cutter life evaluation in soil with a major focus on identification of the main influential parameters of the cutter life evaluation. A new soil abrasion testing machine developed by Hyundai engineering and construction is also introduced. This machine was developed to improve the process of soil abrasion evaluation on the basis of improving the drawbacks of the previously developed soil abrasivity tests by simulating the key important conditions of EPB TBM tunneling. Finally, detailed cutter wear information of some soft ground TBMs was used to conduct a comprehensive study on the wear prediction of the cutting tools on the cutterhead.

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Year 2017
City Bergen
Country Norway