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The Schwarzkopf tunnel bypass - meeting challenges together

The Schwarzkopf tunnel bypass - meeting challenges together


S. Engelhardt / R. Kraile / M. Kicherer

The project to bypass the Schwarzkopf tunnel, which is being constructed at a cost of around 250 million euros, is the centrepiece of the line upgrade between Hanau and Nantenbach. The dimensions of the project, the existing boundary conditions and the resulting imponderables required a large number of special solutions for the tunnel construction, the management and the logistic. Fast and targeted solutions were found thanks to excellent partnership-based collaboration, with the result that the project requirements were achieved fully in terms of time, costs and quality. This article presents the concepts developed from the perspective of the contractor, including parallel execution of the tunnelling and inner shell, the workover of a geologic fault zone and the optimised design of the joint systems.

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Year 2017
City Bergen
Country Norway