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Use of underground space as renewable energy sourcefor a sustainable society

Use of underground space as renewable energy sourcefor a sustainable society


T. Kazerani / A. Koliji / E. Rigaud / J. Zannin / A. Ferrari / L. Laloui

Smart use of underground space as renewable geothermal energy source is an innovative solution for a sustainable society development. Energy geostructures couple the roles of structural supports and geothermal heat exchangers for the structural elements in foundations and shallow underground infrastructures and provide an efficient low-emission solution for heating/cooling operations of buildings and infrastructures. The new Swiss and French rail network in the Geneva region – CEVA – was an opportunity to implement energy geostrutcures in a new underground construction. From the early stages, conceptual feasibility studies were carried out to evaluate the potential use of geothermal systems. Accordingly, heat exchanger pipes were integrated in the final design and implemented in diaphragm walls and slabs of underground stations. An on-going pilot project is defined to assess the thermal potential of the installation with real in-situ conditions, and to identify future scenarios for geothermal exploitation. The challenges include the impacts on the planning, costs, quality and construction issues. A close coordination between all parties and services, from the early planning to final energy consumption management, is a success key of the project.

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Year 2022
City Copenhagen
Country Denmark
ISBN 978-2-9701436-7-3