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New U-THREAT - Underground Transport Hub Resilience to Ensure

U-THREAT - Underground Transport Hub Resilience to Ensure


S. Bouteille / C. Thienert / G. Vollmann / C. Klaproth / J. Doreau -Malioche / B. Moreau

To face important traffic issues, large cities and metropolitan areas rely on the metro networks as the backbone of citizens’ mobility. Although underground transport is gaining popularity, it is also exposed to diverse threats, such as fires, explosion or technical failure, which can lead to great impairments. In the U-THREAT project, the first objective is to identify the possible terroristic or security- and safetyrelated threats and incidents and to define the resulting scenarios that must be handled. Then, the project develops a methodology for a vulnerability assessment of metro networks and individual stations in three main areas: operation, structure and users. Finally, based on a preand post-incident vulnerability assessment different measures to improve the resilience of those three areas are proposed. This paper presents the progress achieved in the methodology developed for a simplified structural assessment regarding a fire scenario.

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10,00 €

Year 2022
City Copenhagen
Country Denmark
ISBN 978-2-9701436-7-3