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Investigation of the Vibration Patterns Generated During TBM Excavation

Investigation of the Vibration Patterns Generated During TBM Excavation


H. Copur / U. Ates / F. Kara / M. Cinar

TBMs are widely utilized for infrastructure projects and to reach favourable excavation rates, selected TBMs should be operated according to the geological conditions. During excavation, cutters that are in contact with excavation face create vibration patterns which then transmitted to the cutterhead and other parts of the TBM. By recording and monitoring the vibration data and analysing the difference in patterns, it is possible to understand geological conditions in front of the machine and react properly. However, this topic has not been studied in detail and only a limited number of researches have been conducted. In this paper, it is aimed to determine the relationship between the rock properties, TBM excavation parameters, and vibrations generated during TBM excavations. The vibration data was obtained from two TBMs used in different projects by using a custom-made data recording system mounted behind the excavation chamber of 6.5m and 4.76m diameter EPB TBMs. To provide a more comprehensive data set, rock samples were taken during the excavation and vibration data compared with, excavation parameters and geological conditions. It was observed that there is a correlation between vibrations, excavation parameters, geology, and cutter's condition.

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Year 2022
City Copenhagen
Country Denmark
ISBN 978-2-9701436-7-3