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Evaluation of settlement parametersbased on TBM tunnellingin Copenhagen

Evaluation of settlement parametersbased on TBM tunnellingin Copenhagen


E. Paulatto / M. Koppensteiner / I. T. Arce Juliao / M. T. Madsen / S. D. Eskesen / L. Erichsen / M. E. Jensen / S. Taylor

Prognosis on surface settlements above tunnels in urban areas are usually based on the empirical green field approach. The parameters necessary for estimating tunnel induced settlements are highly dependent on experiences with previous projects carried out with similar methods and under similar geological conditions. For the prediction of settlements of a new Stormwater tunnel in Copenhagen, a large amount of monitoring data from mechanized tunnel constructions in Copenhagen has been reviewed and investigated. Among the projects are the segmentally lined metro tunnels from the first construction phase as well as the most recently constructed Cityringen metro. Tunnelling-related settlements were identified, analysed, and plotted in sections across the tunnel alignment. By fitting green field transversal settlement curves to the settlement data, values for volume loss and the settlement trough parameter K have been obtained. From the results, a K-value, specific for the ground conditions in Copenhagen, is inferred. The obtained values for volume loss are discussed with respect to the tunnelling method and the location of the tunnel face in glacial deposits, limestone or in mixed face conditions. In some instances, settlements greater than those foreseen have been observed. This paper considers measures to mitigate these for future tunnelling projects.

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Year 2022
City Copenhagen
Country Denmark
ISBN 978-2-9701436-7-3