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Effectiveness of Countermeasures against Earth Pressure of Mountain Railway

Effectiveness of Countermeasures against Earth Pressure of Mountain Railway


K. Mizuno / M. Tomori / T. Fujita / E. Kondo / K. Suzuki / S. Maruyama / S. Nozawa

ABSTRACT: Mountain tunnels are sometimes subject to deformation caused by post-construction earth pressure. Defects such as cracks, or deformation of tunnel lining may occur depending on the structural properties of the tunnel or surrounding geological characteristics. In such cases, countermeasures for tunnels in service need to be carried out against earth pressure. This paper outlines the effectiveness of countermeasures that help keep in check deformation of tunnel lining caused by earth pressure on railway mountain tunnels constructed using the Timbering Support Method. The subject tunnel of this survey is located in a Green Tuff Area where the geology is likely to include severe swelling or squeezing conditions. The tunnel had suffered deformation shortly after the beginning of operation, including shrinkage of the cross section and cracking. A boring survey conducted at defective spots revealed that the causes of deformation may be strong earth pressure caused by geology, and ground destabilization due to water influx, so we decided to conduct countermeasures using rock bolts. After this countermeasure work, the degree and progress rate of shrinkage have been alleviated. Data from measurements recorded over more than 30 years confirms that the installation of rock bolts plays a role in slowing the rate of shrinkage, contributing to safer train operation.

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Year 2022
City Copenhagen
Country Denmark
ISBN 978-2-9701436-7-3