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New Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) TBM excavation the case of Serravalle tunnel (Terzo

Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) TBM excavation the case of Serravalle tunnel (Terzo


G. Lunardi / G. Cassani / A. Bellocchio / M. Frandino / F. Poma / A. Rispoli / S. Caruso / P. Costa Medich

Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) TBMs are able to deal with the main issues in urban tunnelling that include surface settlement control, maintaining of the existing structures requirements and stability of the excavation face. Tunnels of several kilometres can also include quite different conditions along the tunnel alignment in terms of rock / soil characteristics, groundwater and overburden. In this regard, a proper design of the EPB TBM is a key point in order to avoid unexpected issues during the excavation phase. The paper presents the case of the Serravalle Tunnel, in the Piedmont region (Italy), which is one of the tunnel of the Terzo Valico dei Giovi project, on the High Speed / High Capacity (HS / HC) Milan – Genoa line. The Serravalle tunnel consists in two parallel tubes with a length of approximately 7 km each, of which 6.4 km excavated by 9.73 m diameter EPB TBMs. In particular, the main technical aspects faced from the design stage until the execution phase are presented in the paper, with particular regard to the surface settlements prediction and control during the underpass of a residential and commercial populated area.

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10,00 €

Year 2022
City Copenhagen
Country Denmark
ISBN 978-2-9701436-7-3