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New Dubai’s 10km x 10m Storm Water Tunnel - Durability in an Aggressive Environment

Dubai’s 10km x 10m Storm Water Tunnel - Durability in an Aggressive Environment


Jayapregasham Tharamapalan / Adel Ali Alj Asmi / Fahed Ahmed Alawadhi / Shaikha Ahmad Al Shaikh

Dubai Municipality’s Deep Tunnel Storm Water System is a long-term catchment-wide plan for capturing and conveying storm water and groundwater flows for a service area of about 500 km2. Rising highly saline ground water levels in Dubai is increasingly an area of concern and the tunnel system will relieve groundwater 95 per cent of the year, besides managing the rare storm events. The tunnel at average depth of 42m is coupled with a terminal pumping station built in a newly reclaimed island just off the shore at 56m depth. The 10.3km of 10m diameter tunnel and terminal pumping station with capacity to overflow at 110m3/s and pumped of 36m3/s, are developed through two separate design build contracts. This paper presents the approach Dubai has taken towards engineering the tunnel system’s concrete structures for a minimum 100 years durability. Concrete mixes designed to withstand sulfate and chloride attacks were developed and tested in laboratory scaled accelerated testing programs for adoption on the project. Durability considerations were taken for all phases of the projects, from the concrete mix batching to manufacture of precast elements and installation or casting in-situ and up to end of service life following the system’s commissioning. This paper is also aimed at sharing how the system hydraulics and operations under various scenarios were considered in the designs to achieve the required durability.

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