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Discussion on Whether It Is All owed to Change Lanes in High way Tunnels

Discussion on Whether It Is All owed to Change Lanes in High way Tunnels


Junhong Liao / Ruyue Bai / Xuran Zhang / Sui Chao

Vehicle lane changes are prohibited in highway tunnels in order to reduce traffic safety risks in China. Problems such as slow trucks affect traffic efficiency, the following vehicle forcibly changing lanes, have gradually appeared. On the premise of not increasing the risk of traffic accidents, focused on the ideas, methods and requirements for the demonstration of whether lanes can be changed in expressway tunnels. Under the framework of relevant regulations and standards, combined with the analysis of driver expectation questionnaire, a traffic safety risk assessment method for lane change in expressway tunnels is proposed. Fully consider the key factors of tunnel lane change safety, and establish a risk assessment method based on the index system from two aspects of tunnel traffic safety risk factors and facility guarantee conditions. When risk level is III or IV, or where key indicators such as tunnel sight distance, lighting, and pavement skid resistance fail to meet requirements, lanes should not be changed. When lane changes are allowed in the tunnel, a detailed traffic organization plan should be formulated and associated project management measures and requirements should also be put forward.

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Year 2022
City Copenhagen
Country Denmark
ISBN 978-2-9701436-7-3