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New Digital construction: Data Management in mechanized tunnelling

Digital construction: Data Management in mechanized tunnelling


T. Weiser / J. Tröndle

Tunnel boring machine intelligence and the connectivity of IT systems have increased considerably in recent years. The introduction of BIM and numerous independent construction company platforms have steadily digitalized operations of all project participants, with professional data management now as essential part of successful process management. Whilst quick access to machine operator cockpit monitors, overviews of all relevant TBM data including descriptive analyses and dashboards have been standard for years now, they often come with an enormous outlay and inadequate technical solutions. An integrated data management setup respecting international/national industry standards and customer needs and delivered with the machine has not been launched to date. Backed by 5,300 projects and millions of recorded/evaluated sensor data, Herrenknecht has developed a professional edge solution with secure data interfaces as a platform for all Group machine types. Integration and IT coordination, and thus local/web data access for leading-edge site and client systems become simple and fast. Scalable cloud solutions featuring maximum security standards enable comprehensive fleet management for current/past systems and projects. This paper examines the current release of Herrenknecht's IIoT solution and provide glimpses of how predictive use cases such as AI and Predictive Maintenance become possible thanks to edge computing.

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