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Design and Construction of the Marieholm Immersed Tunnel in Gothenburg, Sweden

Design and Construction of the Marieholm Immersed Tunnel in Gothenburg, Sweden


S. Hardy / P. Barten / G.j. Bakker / C. Hoff

Since its opening in late 2020, the Marieholm Tunnel in Gothenburg provides an important road link across the Göta Älv, improving connectivity between the Port of Gothenburg and the industries of Hisingen by connecting busy interchanges on the Tingstad and Marieholm sides of the river, relieving pressure on the existing Tingsta Tunnel. The paper describes the construction sequence and connection details adopted for the installation of the immersed tunnel elements and the innovative non-linear soil structure interaction analyses that were undertaken to inform the structural and geotechnical design. The numerical analysis undertaken was used to provide a range of spring stiffness values for use in the structural models and to predict the initial and long term movement of the tunnel elements. The tunnel is formed from three, 100m long immersed tunnel elements that are installed into a dredged trench in the riverbed and connected to cut and cover sections on either bank of the river. The ground conditions at the site are particularly challenging, comprising over 60m of soft marine clay with low undrained shear strengths resulting in very challenging requirements for the shear keys and the water seals in the immersed tunnel.

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Year 2022
City Copenhagen
Country Denmark
ISBN 978-2-9701436-7-3