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New Design and Construction of Technoparc Station in Montreal

Design and Construction of Technoparc Station in Montreal


V. Nasri / J. Lee / A. Bhargava / S. Gupta

The design and construction method is presented for the Technoparc Station, located in Greater Montreal as a part of Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM), a light rail rapid transit system. The station is located nearly 15 m below the street at the end of a cut-and-cover approach ramp. The cut-and-cover tunnel continues beyond the station and transitions to a bored tunnel at the launch shaft. The primary structural system is the secant pile wall which works as a permanent retaining structure and provide the lateral and vertical support to the station structure. At the site the water table is close to the street level which creates unique challenges not only for design of structure, but also for ensuring the water tightness of the entire system. The paper highlights the key structural and architectural aspects of the project like use of rock-socketed piles to counter large hydrostatic forces. It also illustrates how Building Information Modeling (BIM) can be effectively used in all aspects of a tunneling project. Using such tools can greatly facilitate coordination among all the disciplines and produce nearly clash free holistic design, thereby reducing potential delays and keep the project costs in check.

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