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Design Aspects of Large Diameter Deep Shafts with Multiple Large Openings

Design Aspects of Large Diameter Deep Shafts with Multiple Large Openings


J. Tharamapalan / N. Fonseca / L.G. Kale / C. Maier / V. Zeuli / F. A. Alawadhi / M. Pascalis

Dubai’s Deep Tunnel Storm Water System (DTSWS) project is intended to collect subsurface and storm water from about 500km2 of newly urbanising communities of Dubai, and to transfer the captured flow to the sea. Four large circular shafts are designed with each shaft having a connecting chamber which collects the subsurface flow. The main shafts are typically 20-25m in diameter and 45-50m deep formed by interlocking diaphragm wall panels 1.2m thick as temporary retaining system. The opening(s) for the TBM break-in/out in the shafts are around 12-13m diameter. This paper focuses on the selection, challenges and design aspects of temporary retaining system used for shaft excavations in Barzaman/Fars formation. The interaction of the shaft with adjacent connecting chamber and vice versa using FEM PLAXIS 2D and 3D is detailed. Stress flow and structural behaviour of the shaft due to large openings using 2D simplified approach with validation of 3D analysis is also elaborated. Effect on shaft retaining system due to unsymmetrical loadings from cranes at ground surface is discussed along with analytical and numerical approach comparisons.

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Year 2022
City Copenhagen
Country Denmark
ISBN 978-2-9701436-7-3