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Correlating rock support and ground treatment means with in -tunnel seismic data

Correlating rock support and ground treatment means with in -tunnel seismic data


J. Hecht-Méndez / T. Dickmann / D. Krueger

Tunnelling is a challenging task since it demands recurrent interaction and good understanding of the various disciplines of geotechnical engineering, geology and geophysics among others. Moreover, during tunnel excavation quantitative and qualitative data is continuously gathered by instruments and personnel from all these disciplines. Finding and understanding correlations between such datasets might provide useful information for the tunnelling work, hence, this task is not always straightforward and requires thorough analysis and validation of involved data. An interesting rock mass physical property is the seismic velocity, which is obtained during tunnel excavation easily and fast. Moreover, due to the physical relationship between seismic velocities and rock mass moduli, we investigate the correlation of geotechnical parameters derived from seismic data with common engineering practice for safe and efficient tunnel excavation. A real example shows how deviated parameters are in good correlation with rock classes in difficult sections during tunnel excavation.

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Year 2022
City Copenhagen
Country Denmark
ISBN 978-2-9701436-7-3