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Construction of Kenilworth Cut and Cover Tunnel in Minneapolis

Construction of Kenilworth Cut and Cover Tunnel in Minneapolis


V. Nasri / P. Jarast / M. Soudkhah

Press-in sheet pile shoring is used for construction of part of the cut and cover Kenilworth Corridor Tunnel. This method is used due to limitation of ground movement along the railroad and at the adjacent buildings and minimal clearance between the railroad tracks or building foundations and the excavation support system. This innovative method helps minimizing construction noise and vibration and allows installation with minimal clearance by using a static load to hydraulically press sheet piles into the ground. In addition, a series of geotechnical instruments is installed to monitor the performance of the excavation support system during construction and to provide advance warning of adverse ground and/or structure movement. The alternative method of secant pile shoring is used in a part of alignment close to adjacent building where the monitoring data shows poor performance of press-in sheet piling in controlling the settlements. This paper also discusses tunnel construction considerations including an innovative support of excavation and its efficiency in controlling the noise and vibration and groundwater inflow during construction.

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Year 2022
City Copenhagen
Country Denmark
ISBN 978-2-9701436-7-3