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Construction of the Metro Station in Restrained Urb an Development

Construction of the Metro Station in Restrained Urb an Development


K. Bezrodny / M. Lebedev / R. Larionov / K. Dorokhin

In the historical center of St. Petersburg, all metro stations are deep level stations because stable dry soils underlay here at the depth of more than 40 m. One of the stations under construction is "Teatralnaya" station, located close to Mariinskiy Theater, which is a listed building. "Teatralnaya" is a pylon-type station with laying depth of about 60 m is constructed in reinforced concrete tubing lining by the conventional tunneling. The use of modern technologies in the construction of the station, unfortunately, does not reduce the surface deformation to safe values for existing buildings. The trough encircles a few hectares of the urban area. For buildings that required both reinforcement of foundations and compensation injection measures to prevent the development of differential foundation settlement. The compensation work process is managed during the entire construction period of the station complex using geomechanical and geophysical monitoring. An integrated approach to reducing ground surface subsidence, including the application of modern technological solutions for tunneling and building maintenance measures allows to prevent differential foundation subsidence of buildings and to maintain their ability to perform satisfactory.

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Year 2022
City Copenhagen
Country Denmark
ISBN 978-2-9701436-7-3