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Brenner Base Tunnel Investigation in exploratory tunnel and support base

Brenner Base Tunnel Investigation in exploratory tunnel and support base


R. Insam / A. Morocutti / A. Fontana / C. Kaiser / A. Ertl

During the hard rock TBM drive of the exploratory tunnel in construction lot Tulfes-Pfons H33, difficult rock mass conditions were encountered. In particular in the area of chainage 9.670 fractured rock mass and fault bands led to collapse after boring and overbreaks. The cavity caused by this collapse, named "Iris" was temporarily stabilized, so the TBM could end the drive successfully. Subsequently the main tunnel tube will pass this geological fault zone through the vast cavity created during exploratory tunnel excavation. In order to allow this passage through this critical geological area, a complex support base intervention was planned. From a layby niche in the exploratory tunnel southerly of the cavity, a connecting ramp will be excavated on a steep, tight radius arc under the west main tunnel first. Finally, this connecting ramp will reach the upper level of the main tunnel tube. From there it was possible to reach the intervention point as well the parallel running east main tunnel tube. From an injection chamber, once arrived at the heart of the overbreak, the rock was stabilized with injection works. Finally, the two main tunnels will be safely excavated back and forth away from the re-mined fault zone using conventional mining techniques.

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Year 2022
City Copenhagen
Country Denmark
ISBN 978-2-9701436-7-3