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Brenner Base Tunnel Emergency Stop at construction lot H33 Tulfes - Pfons

Brenner Base Tunnel Emergency Stop at construction lot H33 Tulfes - Pfons


R. Insam / A. Luss U / A. Morocutti / A. Fontana

The Brenner Base Tunnel incorporates the latest security standards in tunnelling. Besides the cross-connecting tunnels that link the two main tunnel tubes every 333 m and serve as an escape route, underground emergency stops connecting to the surface are located approximately every 20 km. This configuration conforms to a high security standard for tunnels. The emergency stops include a central service tunnel which is located between the main tunnel tubes. Those 3 tubes run parallel for 35 m. This part of the infrastructure is transversally linked by connecting tunnels and cross cuts for exhaust air every 45 m. The service central tunnel has an intermediate ceiling that divides the tunnel into an upper and lower half. Ducts and dampers for exhaust air are located in the upper half. The emergency stop in the H33 “Tulfes – Pfons” contract lot, in particular, was built in quite challenging geological conditions. Tunnelling in the close proximity of several tunnels was a significant challenge as well and mastering those challenges required detailed planning, as well as detailed project coordination, to build a sustainable and climate-resilient underground structure.

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Year 2022
City Copenhagen
Country Denmark
ISBN 978-2-9701436-7-3