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Assess ment of MRT Tunnelling CrossingExisting DrainageTunnel

Assess ment of MRT Tunnelling CrossingExisting DrainageTunnel


A. Sramoon / O. Duangsano / A. Asanprakit / N. Phienwej / K. Muangsaen / C. Chanchaya

The impact of tunnelling on existing tunnels plays an important role during planning and execution of tunnelling works in the urban area. An existing water drainage tunnel operated by Bangkok Metropolitan Administration so-called “BMA tunnel” is crossed by westbound and eastbound tunnels of the recent Bangkok MRT Orange Line project. The westbound lower tunnel passes perpendicularly below the BMA tunnel with an estimated clearance of 2.6 m, whereas the eastbound upper tunnel passes over with a clearance of 3.4 m approximately. These constructions can have significant impacts if the induced stresses exceed the capacity of the existing tunnel. Unfortunately, the inspection of current conditions and monitoring inside the BMA tunnel are inaccessible. Therefore, this paper aims to describe the methods used to evaluate the BMA tunnel responses and control procedures for the construction of MRT tunnels in order to mitigate the major effects. The strict control of tunnelling is required to avoid large ground movements. In addition, various geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring both prior to and after the BMA tunnel crossing are proposed to observe ground behaviours and assess the optimum TBM driving parameters.

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Year 2022
City Copenhagen
Country Denmark
ISBN 978-2-9701436-7-3