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Application of the Socratic Method to Permit -to-Tunnel (PTT) meetings

Application of the Socratic Method to Permit -to-Tunnel (PTT) meetings


A. Monemvasioti Kappos / D.A.F. Oliveira

Australian Tunnelling works require regular Permit to Tunnel meetings (PTTs). PTTs play a major role for Sequential Excavation Tunnels, where the support relies heavily on observed geotechnical conditions. Tunnelling projects are renowned for uncertainty and unbalanced risk allocation. Combined with tight programmes and limited skilled workforce, they produce overworked professionals with different priorities that PTTs need to accommodate. During the construction of a major Sydney tunnelling project, the importance of avoiding disputes and reaching impasses in PTTs became evident. The Socratic Method was utilised as solution. When applied, the meeting examines claims and their veracity. Subsequently more questions are raised introducing doubt to the original claim. The group reaches the “truth” or decides that alternative measures are required. Collaborative, constructive and effective PTTs lead to safe, efficient tunnel completion. This approach promotes Parties co-operation and enables the consideration of different views, and effortless agreement on construction methods.

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Year 2022
City Copenhagen
Country Denmark
ISBN 978-2-9701436-7-3