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An Overview of Dalian Bay Undersea Tunnel Construction Technique

An Overview of Dalian Bay Undersea Tunnel Construction Technique


H. Zhang / X. Wang / F. Meng / X. Xu

ITA-AITES World Tunnel Congress, WTC2020 and 46th General Assembly Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 11-17 September 2020 An Overview of Dalian Bay Undersea Tunnel Construction Technique Fanli Meng1 Haiying Zhang1,3 Xiaoshu Wang1 and Xinwei Xu2,3 Dalian Bay Undersea Tunnel Project Department, CCCC-FHCC, Dalian, China 2 Tianjin Port Engineering Institute, CCCC-FHCC, Tianjin, China 3 Tianjin Key Laboratory of Construction, Operation and Maintenance Technology for Underwater Tunnels, Tianjin, China E-mail: 1 Abstract: Dalian Bay Undersea Tunnel is the first immersed tube tunnel constructed in north of China. The tunnel is 4798 meters in length, of which 3035 meters are submerged, while the remaining 1763 meters are structured as a cast-in-site tunnel. In all, 18 immersed tubes are required. The main concrete structure uses machine-made sand as raw materials, it must meet the 100 years durability. The foundation of this immersed tunnel is fairly complex, 13 tubes sit on top of a rock subgrade, while the other 5 lie on a layer of clay. The rigidity of such foundation varies greatly, so the settlement control is very important. The improved terminal block method used for the final connection is a challenge for this project. And parts of the construction site locate among the century-old historic buildings. The historic buildings protection is fully considered in this project. Keywords: Immersed tube tunnel; Machine-made sand; Durability; Final connection; Improved terminal block method 1.

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Year 2020
City Kuala Lumpur
Country Malaysia