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Influence of Ground Stiffness on HandV Shield Behavior

Influence of Ground Stiffness on HandV Shield Behavior


M. Sugimoto / N. T. Huynh / S. Chaiyaput / T. K. Nguyen / D. N. Nguyen / T. B. Le

Shield tunnelling technology has been widely used in soft ground conditions to minimize the ground movement and the damage to neighboring structures around a tunnel. Due to limited underground space in urban area and for saving construction cost, multi circular face shield (MF shield) had been innovated to construct a twin tunnel at once. Furthermore, according to the more severe restriction of underground space use, horizontal and vertical variation shield method (H&V shield) was innovated, so that the cross section of a MF shield tunnel is changed from horizontal multi circular shape to vertical one, or vice versa. The H&V shield is manufactured by connecting two articulated shields at their rear bodies and is steered by jack, articulation mechanism and copy cutter, which can be operated individually at each body. The simulation algorithm of H&V shield behavior was developed, based on the kinematic shield model. This paper examines the influence of the jack thrust at the left and right bodies on H&V shield behavior, using the newly developed H&V shield simulation model. As a result, it was found that jack thrust at each body has an effect on shield behavior in term of the machine advance direction during construction process.

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Year 2020
City Kuala Lumpur
Country Malaysia