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Nozzleman Qualifications - An Increased Focus on Concrete Spraying Performance

Nozzleman Qualifications - An Increased Focus on Concrete Spraying Performance


T. Dalmalm / E. Odkrans / K. Stubberfield / M. Eckstein

During the last 10 years the tunneling and mining industries have had greater focus on the quality, costs and above all the safety around concrete spraying works. In 2009 the international industry group EFNARC established the Nozzlemen Certification Scheme – a certification that was intended to fill the qualification and accreditation gap existing for sprayed concrete operators, so called Nozzlemen. The organization has since then certified nearly 500 operators and the majority of them in Great Britain. Establishing the EFNARC has also led to a raised awareness of the importance of having skilled and qualified Nozzlemen among other countries, projects and organization that have started requiring or setting up other qualifications. The Swedish Transport Administration is one of those who established a certification in 2016 that now have become a national standard in the country Sweden. This article provides information on three different projects around the world and the qualification schemes for Nozzlemen that they have required: • the road tunnel project, E4 Stockholm Bypass in Sweden, • the road tunnel project WestConnex M4 East & New M5 in Australia and • the metro tunnel project Crossrail in Great Britain. The qualifications all differ in structure and content, but share the purpose of being required to enhance quality, cut concrete costs and improve safety, during and after concrete spraying. It is likely that more will follow now when the above written prestigious tunnel projects have required qualifications for Nozzlemen. The conclusions from this article therefore lean towards and elaborates around the need for a European or global standard for Nozzlemen qualification requirements. That standard could be based on the requirements and certification schemes revealed in this article such as the one developed by the Swedish Transport Administration, or the recently released one by EFNARC, the EFNARC C2.

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