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New Development in Durable Segments for Utility Tunnels

New Development in Durable Segments for Utility Tunnels


R. Winterberg / M. Garbeth

A 2km long x 2.74m ID segmental lined tunnel has been constructed for the Blacksnake Creek Stormwater Separation Improvement Project. The project conveys stormwater directly to the Missouri River. This reduces water quantity in the existing sewer during storms and the quantity of combined stormwater and wastewater overflowing to the river. The tunnel is the main element of the Separation Project. The first use of a macro synthetic fibre reinforced concrete (MSFRC) segmental lining in the USA made the project an America’s First. This paper addresses the solutions to the technical challenges of the project, the design of the segments and the benefits associated with the use of MSF.

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Year 2020
City Kuala Lumpur
Country Malaysia