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Research and Application of BIM in Mountain Tunnel by Shielded TBM

Research and Application of BIM in Mountain Tunnel by Shielded TBM


W. Qiu / Y. Cheng / D. Duan

BIM has been widely adopted in the architectural industry, and the use of BIM in tunnel engineering is still at its initial stage. Previous BIM-based software almost only caters to the design of the architecture industry and is not in accord with tunnel engineering standards. The paper highlights the high precision modeling method of horseshoe-shaped segments and the slanting cut tunnel portal with hat-brim. The necessary parameters needed for parametric modeling are determined by using the analysis of the structure and design flow, based on which, we optimize the 3D modeling process. Finally, the parametric models of the segment and the portal are established to facilitate design and modification. On the other hand, the laser scanning is integrated into BIM during the construction process. The actual data, which is collected by laser scanner during each tunnel construction process, is compared with the BIM model, and the results are stored in the BIM model. Thus, a BIM model containing actual data is created to record and analyze the quality of tunnel construction.

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