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Drone Based Deformation Monitoring at the Tunnel Project Zentrum am Berg

Drone Based Deformation Monitoring at the Tunnel Project Zentrum am Berg


A. Gaich / R. Galler / K. Chmelina / R. Wenighofer / M. Keuschnig / R. Delleske

In the contribution a new drone based deformation monitoring system is presented that is currently developed by Geodata Group, 3GSM GmbH and Georesearch Forschungsgesellschaft mbH in the funded EUREKA research project Defdrone_3D and practically tested at the recently started Austrian tunnel project Zentrum am Berg (ZaB). The system is designed for monitoring the 3D displacements of structures such as embankments, dams and rock slopes that are affected by tunnel construction. It consists of a modern, low cost, lightweight multicopter, a fully integrated, high resolution digital camera, special designed ground control points and advanced mission planning and image processing software. From a given digital elevation model (DEM) the system allows designing an optimal flight plan that is then executed automatically by the drone. The taken images are post-processed in an automatic way using Structure from Motion technology as a photogrammetric range imaging technique for estimating three-dimensional structures from two-dimensional image sequences. From repeated drone missions absolute 3D displacements of the structure’s surface can be derived. The contribution describes the drone based monitoring system, the performed monitoring missions at the tunnel project ZaB and the achieved results. Key Words: Drone surveying, Deformation monitoring.

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