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Intelligent Longitudinal Ventilation Control of Long Road Tunnels

Intelligent Longitudinal Ventilation Control of Long Road Tunnels


Y. Zhang / Z. Yan / H. Zhu

Jet fans are installed in tunnels to ensure air condition by producing airflow forward in longitudinal ventilation. Longitudinal ventilation promises a qualified environment by producing appropriate air volume according to the traffic condition in tunnel. However, previous longitudinal ventilation system are mostly manual controlled and always takes a long period to react when adjusting its air volume especially in long road tunnels. This passage aims to predict short-term traffic condition and calculate required air volume. In this way, we can manipulate jet fan machines in advance to make sure it provide moderate air in tunnel. The proper number of jet fans activated prevents drivers and occupants from damaging by detrimental air in normal condition and reduces excessive energy and electricity consumed by jet fans. Meanwhile, it guarantees a favourable evacuation environment in case of fire accidents. We add calculation to transfer original short-term traffic prediction into the specific number of jet machines in this paper. This approach has been approved by traffic data in Dalian Tunnel, Shanghai, China and has applied in Dalian Tunnel as intelligent longitudinal ventilation system control.

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