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Optimized reinforcement for precast tunnel segments with macro-synthetic fibers

Optimized reinforcement for precast tunnel segments with macro-synthetic fibers


R. Winterberg / G. Tiberti / A. Conforti / G. Plizzari / I. Trabucchi

The use of fiber reinforced concrete (FRC) in tunnel linings, with or without conventional rebars, has increased in the two last decades, especially in segmental linings. Nowadays there is a growing interest in the scientific community on macrosynthetic fibers for use in underground structures. Within this framework, the present study investigates the possibility of using macro-synthetic fiber reinforcement in precast tunnel segments in a possible combination with conventional rebars.An experimental program based on 3 Point Bending Tests was carried out on FRCs characterized by different fiber contents in order to assess their post-cracking nominal residual stresses. The corresponding stress vs. crack opening laws, representative of the FRCs investigated, were calculated through inverse analysis procedure. Then, a typical tunnel lining having small diameter was adopted as reference to optimize the reinforcement solution (macro-synthetic fibers and conventional rebars, i.e. hybrid solution). Particular attention was devoted to the TBM thrust phase, in which high-concentrated forces are introduced in the linings.Key Words: Thrust jack, Splitting phenomena, Fiber reinforced concrete, Macrosynthetic fibers, Numerical analyses.

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Year 2018
City Dubai
Country United Arab Emirates